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Dental Extractions & Preservations in Marrero, LA

At Smile In Style, Diem Do DDS in Marrero, LA our goal is always for our patients to enjoy healthy, beautiful, and functional smiles. While retention of your natural teeth is always the best scenario, there circumstances that can make extraction necessary. Crowded teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, or extra teeth are just some of the reasons that we may need to remove teeth. Additionally, fractured teeth, teeth with advanced decay, or lack of sufficient bone structure may also result in the need for tooth removal. While the idea of an extraction can be overwhelming, our team works hard to ensure that we always provide the least invasive care as possible and make your comfort our number one priority.

Tooth Extractions

Even with good oral hygiene, you may find yourself needing a tooth removed. One of the first steps is to discuss our sedation options which can help lower your anxiety about the procedure and increase your comfort during treatment. We will also discuss your long-term plan for tooth replacement. Leaving a gap in your smile unfilled can create future health and aesthetic problems. Gaps can also lead to a bite imbalance which affects eating and alignment.

Socket preservation

The strip of bone that surrounds the teeth is called the alveolar ridge and it plays an important role in supporting your smile. In the absence of a tooth, this bone can begin to deteriorate, causing irreversible damage. Without repair, gaps begin to form between teeth as they become loose and shift out of alignment. Socket preservation and bone grafting can be an important step after tooth extraction because it prevents teeth from shifting and makes it easier to receive a dental implant further down the road.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars in the back of the mouth. When wisdom teeth do not have enough room to erupt, they can become impacted, causing serious damage to nearby teeth, and increasing the risk of infection. Wisdom teeth removal is necessary if you experience any symptoms such as pain, damage to nearby teeth, infections, or cysts. In many cases, they can be removed before they fully emerge and cause these problems

Root canals and crowns

While nearly every patient grimaces at the mention of root canals, the truth is that it’s a common procedure that can often be an effective alternative to extraction. When damage or decay reach the pulp chamber of the tooth, it can lead to intense pain and infection. With a root canal we remove the infected area, clean it and seal it, and then complete it with a dental crown to prevent further damage.

Regardless of your dental needs, Smile In Style, Diem Do DDS is here to provide comfortable care. To learn more about our extraction and preservation services, please call us at (504) 370-2229.

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